Day 232-233 (Matt15-18)
15:1-20 wow. Jesus calls out our erroneously following the tradition of man / human rules over Gods ways (Torah)….
21-28 tests the heart of the disciples (more work to do) and the pagan caananite (she passes the test) and receives healing!
29-39 and feeds the 4000… A cool article contrasting this feeding and the 5000
16 – whose teaching our we feeding on? The bible? The words of Jesus? A preacher? An author? A priest? A podcaster? Be Careful of the yeast… Know your father, know jesus… Spend time going directly to the source in the word and in prayer!
17 the avengers unite – Yahweh, Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Peter, James and John?!?! I would LOVE to know what they talked… 
17:19-20 Jesus says deliverance and healing won’t take place if trust is not strong… Jesus says this – not “crazy televangelist”…. Maybe they are not so crazy after all…
18:4 humility = greatness
18:7 wait “there must be stumbling blocks”?? This seems in line with. God who tests his children to mature them..
18:15-17 textbook on how to rebuke… I was just talking about how the words repentance and rebuke were sooooo hard to apply in life. Repentance is now habit and good… Rebuke is still hard – people pleasing and conflict avoidance / fear of man are all still immaturities in me…